• tona-flow

    Tona Flow - Best 2014 Wakestyle Board

    UH 2014 selection by Jerome

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  • 949€

    The TS is the ultimate crossover kite for everybody who needs a performance oriented kite to boost big airs, throw unhooked wakestyle tricks, slice waves or get the most out of a freeride session. Now it is lighter, faster and more durable than it ever was. Take it out for a ride to do it all!

  • 180€

    The Warrior is the flagship model from mystic, and remains a reference for 2015.

  • 200€

    The first multi-activity harness. Designed for kitesurfing and windsurfing ! Ultra comfortable and durable.

  • 899€

    Over seven generations we perfected even the smallest details of the Kahoona! The new model has the greatest lift and hangtime abilities of all Kahoonas before without any loss of it's huge depower range and perfect auto relaunch characteristics. Pick this kite if you want to enjoy every ride!

  • 1 099€

    The GP V4 is a fantastic project. I worked closely with our international team to make the kite perfectly suited to their powerful new school riding styles. It is great watching those guys ripping in the water!

    1 099€
  • 999€

    The best wave riders of the world trust the Cabo to ride heavy slabs. It is not only a great wave kite, it is also perfect for freeriding. We build the 2015 model tougher than it ever was but managed to decrease it's weight to make it more agile. It is the best kite there is to charge every wave!

  • 1 250€

    Wave Riding Freedom

    1 250€
  • 629€

    Ultimate New School Weapon


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