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  • 520€

    The Deuce is the ultimate choice to take your riding to the next level! A freestyle and wakestyle twin-tip that delivers high-performance in flat water, as well as choppy conditions.

  • 260€

    If we could make only one – this would be it.

  • 495€

    MK3 is a playful machine that reacts exactly according to riders input: you get what you give. Light carbon construction Massive pop Direct control Upwind ability Smooth landings Control on shoppy conditions

  • 826€

    Charge every wave 100% wave focused Tri-strut design for optimal downwind drift and turning speed Surf tough construction for endless durability Tangle-free, micro bridle for fast, reactive steering Equipped with backpack, sleeve, repair and sticker kit

  • 743€

    We’re proud to introduce Blade’s new freestyle machine

  • 396€

    The Viron is not just any kite, it defines a class of its own. Maximum safety, optimally user-friendly, simplest relaunch and unbelievable stability. We don’t know of another kite that combines all these features better. The Viron is a kite for all beginners, kite schools, lightweights and gusty winds.

  • 1 156€

    Light wind 17m kite

    1 156€
  • 578€

    The Blade Trigger is back for another season, currently in its 6th consecutive year and getting better as it goes along! The 6th generation is not going to disappoint.


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UNHOOKED.BE : Online Kite & Surf Shop

Providing you the best Kitesurfing equipment on the Market

UNHOOKED.BE is an Online Shop based in Belgium offering Kitesurfing and Wakeboarding equipment. We carry the following well known brands,  BEST, Ben Wilson, Blade, Blanfkforce, F-ONE, Flexifoil, Flyradical, Firewire, Flysurfer, HB surf, Ozone, Peter Lynn, Slingshot, Waimann Hawaii.  For wetsuits: Mystic, O'neill Prolimit and for wakeboard: Byerly, Ronix and Hyperlite.

Kitesurf, Wakeboard, Surf & Accessories. Make your choice

Kiteboarding and Wakeboarding are two of the most popular growing extreme sports on the planet and we at UNHOOKED.BE Kite & Surf Shop want to provide you with the ultimate equipment which is suitable for all your requirements. Any question? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you !

UNHOOKED.BE isn't just a store, we are a FAMILY !!

UNHOOKED.BE has a full team of riders constantly testing and reviewing all of our products. Thus giving you confidence that you  will for sure be making the right choice.

Please check the reviews and follow our team riders from the UH Kitesurf Team Blog here above.

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UNHOOKED.BE is a Belgian Kitesurf Shop Founded in 2012. wants to provide you the best equipment you need, Beginner, Freestyle, Wave Rider,...We have a team of riders specialized in each category, they are ready to help you to select your perfect quiver!

BTW: BE0563.624.735