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The best wave riders of the world trust the Cabo to ride heavy slabs. It is not only a great wave kite, it is also perfect for freeriding. We build the 2015 model tougher than it ever was but managed to decrease it's weight to make it more agile. It is the best kite there is to charge every wave!

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Best CABO 2015




Charge every wave

Designed in waves, dominating in surf and freeride

Tri-strut design for optimal downwind drift and turning speed

Surf tough construction for endless durability

Tangle-free, micro bridle for fast, reactive steering

EZ Pump™, equipped with our Twist Lock Valve

Included with kite: nylon sleeve, kite bag and a repair kit



Surfing down the face of a huge wave might easily be the best feeling in the world. To pursue this unique experience we developed the Cabo. The new Best Cabo is as perfect for the best wave riders in the industry as it is fun to ride on a casual freeride.

The Tri-strut design and the slightly swept wingtips provide an exceptional downwind drift allowing you to park the Cabo at the very edge of the wind window and concentrate fully on the wave beneath (or above) you. We further reduced the weight of the kite enhancing its agility. As the Cabo comes with our lifetime warranty, we build it Surf Tough with a reinforced trailing edge and optimized placements of the Dacron canopy. We also further improved the stability, giving you a rock solid kite while you charge every wave!



Double Core RS

With twice as many reinforcing fibers as standard canopy cloths our Double Core RS delivers twice the performance with enhanced durability so good we guarantee all our kites for life. It uses the latest available materials technology and is exclusive to Best.



Reactive Micro Bridle

Our short Bridle design delivers the direct feedback and precision handling of a 4-line kite with the low bar pressure, solid stability and ease of use of an SLE kite.




Surf Tough

The Cabo is built using our Surf Tough materials and construction techniques and comes with a LIFETIME guarantee. We build lasting quality into every part of your kite to ensure they are the toughest kites you’ll ever fly no matter what style you choose to ride.



Tri Strut Design

Rock solid stability and exceptional downwind drift come a standard with the Cabo's tri-strut design. Responsive steering and pivot turning let you find the perfect position on every wave.




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