KITE ATTITUDE Universal Control Bar 50cm 22m


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Top quality, versatile, easy to customize... : this bar is a real success in France, with hundreds and hundreds of users...

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The new 2016 Kite Attitude bar, Totem model, works for all kite brands. You can use the same bar for all your kites. The bar is "plug and play" with all kites on the market since 2008 until now. It also works for older kites (all you need to do is pull the depower rope about 4 inches, in order not to be overpowered).

In other words, it is ready to use!
Connect the lines to your kite... and you are all set!
No twicks whatsoever!

We greatly improved the overall quality. We have been manufacturing kite bars for many brands for 10 years. We implemented all our experience in this bar. Experience with thousands of riders all over the world. We know what riders want, what works and what is durable. We just made it great for all riders: freestylers, wave riders, pro-riders as well as beginners..

The Universal Control Bar : the only kite bar on the market with 4 positions for the back flying lines

One Bar Fits All: you use the same bar for all your kites, no matter what size or brand. 4 possible settings for the back flying lines : 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm and 60 cm!

Nb : we also make a 55 cm bar, with the following settings : 40, 45, 50 et 55 cm.

To change the back flying line position, all you need to do is push up the foam floaters and reconnect to another hole. Very simple and effective.

Huge depower range - the depower line can be adjusted: increased or reduced

This bar has a huge depower range, about 20 cm more than most bars. Benefits: you can ride in waves without being overpowered. You will improve your skills in the wave.

To increase the depower range, just move up the Clamcleat Racing (the best cleat on the market...).
To reduce the depower range, move the Clamcleat down. Then, when your bar hits the Clamcleat, the kite will keep some power.

If you are wave riding, it is better to have as much depower as possible, so that you can easily cope with accelerations in the surf.

If you are freestyling, it is better to have a shorter depower, so that your kite still has power if you let the bar. Then your kite won't be deflated.

The 2016 Kite Attitude bar: very easy to customize

The safety line is connected to one front line: this is the default setting. As a result, if you trigger the quick releaser, the kite will be totally deflated and fall off into the water. This is the safiest setting.

You can change the default setting and connect the safety line to both front lines. This is called the "short fifth line" mode. If you trigger the quick releaser, the kite will flip onto its back, ready for relaunching. See the Q & As to change the defaut setting to "short fifth line".


This quick releaser is secure: we performed load testing on it up to 300 kg. This quick releaser can release even with sand in it (French Afnor regulation) with minimal effort.

To trigger it, just push up ("push away" system). It works the way you expect it to work.

It is made of super strong plastic. The plastic industry made enormous improvements, and this is great for all water sports, since the plastic won't corrode in salt water.

You can untwist the kite lines easily and make as many kiteloops as you want.

The safety line goes right through the center of the quick releaser. It won't get entangled around the bar.


Is the Universal bar really good for all kites, no matter which brand?

Yes. Since 2008, all the kites on the market are designed with a sustained leading edge and designed to work with 4 or 5 lines. By the way, all the brands are using the same software... If you unfold the lines of your kite bar on the sand and pull the bar towards yourself, next to the quick releaser, you will see that the ends of the kite lines are all aligned.

The universal bar is ready to use: it is "plug and play" with all kites on the market.

Exception: the older F-One Bandit 1 and Bandit Dos (before 2008): there was a discrepancy of about 3 meters between the front lines and the back flying lines.

Some kite brands sell their kite bars with a short fifth line, such as Cabrinha IDS, Core, Loose... The universal Kite Attitude can easily accomodate the short fifth line mode. See further.

Is the universal bar compatible with an older kite, such as a C Shape, like a Takoon Scoop or Wook?

Yes. You will have to trim the kite (pull the depower rope about 20 cm), otherwise your kite would be overpowered.

This concerns only the kites sold before 2008

Is is possible to add a real fifth line?

It is very easy to do

There are knots on my front kite lines, and loops on the back flying lines (or the opposite), in order to avoid making mistake when connecting the lines to the kite. Can this work with the universal bar?

Yes. All our lines have loops at each end. All you need to do is to make knots.

Tip: let enough space between the knot and the loop, so that you can use the same bar with 2 different kite brands, in case one has knots and one has loops.

Which bar should I choose? 55 or 60cm?

We offer 2 bars: 55 cm maximum length, or 60 cm maximum length.

If you don't intend to kite with a kite bigger than 14m2, the 55 cm bar is fine for you. If you intend to use a bigger kite (16m2 or 17m2 for instance), then choose the 60 cm bar.

The 55 cm bar has 4 positions: 40cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm. This bar is great for kites for 3m2 up to 14m2.

The 60 cm bar has 4 positions: 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm. This bar is great for kites from 4 m2 to 18 m2.

Which setting should I choose depending on the size of my kite?

Suggested settings:
 - Position 40 : kites from 3 to 6 m2
 - Position 45 : kites from 6 to 9 m2
 - Position 50 : kites from 9 m2 to 11m2
 - Position 55 : kites from 12 to 14 m2
 - Position 60 : kites from 15 m2 and more

If you can choose how reactive you want the kite to be.

If you want the kite to turn faster, then move the back connection one hole towards the outside of the bar. For instance, if you want a 9m2 kite to turn very very fast, choose the 55 cm setting!

On the opposite, if you want the kite to move slowlier, then move the back connection one hole closer to the bar center. This can be good for beginners, especially with new kites that tend to turn pretty fast.

What happens if you fail catching the bar back while the safety line is connected in short fifth line mode?

The kite will get depowered a lot: this is an improved version of a "suicide leash" (leash connected to the chicken loop). The kite will fall more slowly and won't get damaged as much.

Once the kite lands on the water, it will flip onto its back. It will keep some power, and will make relaunching easier.

Warning: this mode is not as secure as the default connection to one front line.

If you are a beginner and/or not an expert, we suggest you don't switch to this mode.

Standard setting: the safety line will pull only one front line.

Short fifth line mode: both front lines will get pulled by the leash if you trigger the quick releaser

Why are the universal Kite Attitude bars much cheaper than most bars on the market?

Is the quality not as good?

No, this has nothing to do with the quality. For some aspects, our bars can even be better!

- Our bar center is moulded in foundry. This is 10 times stronger than CNC (some major brands do CNC...). We produce several thousand bars, and never had a bar center that broke. Check with your friends: it make not be the case with other brands...

- Our kite lines can sustain 300 kg loads.

- the depower rope is 5 mm wide, while major brands use only 4 mm. It makes a huge difference

- We use world class accessories:
Wichard pulley, ClamCleat, German Dyneema, etc.

Stainless steel ring to connect the leash… Some very expensive bars only propose a plastic tube!!!

- Bar tubes are made of
composite : none broke up to this day!!! This is very light and very strong and warmer than an aluminium tube when you ride in winter…

- …

Why is there such a price difference with the big brands?:

We manufacture ourselves.

b) big brands go through kite factories, that in turn subcontract with many suppliers, while we source directly.

c) We manufacture for other brands too...

How come it is not so easy to find the Kite Attitude bars in the shops?

the big brands tend to "lock the market". Sometimes it is unfair business practice: they threaten the dealer to stop supplying him if he sells smaller brands such as Kite Attitude. The dealers have sales objectives and must focus on a limited number of products in their shop.

In fact, not only the big brands, but some magazines tend to lock the market and protect the big guys that spend big marketing money with them...

Is the bar guaranteed? If so, for how long? Are you offering after sale service?

Everything that we sell is guaranteed for one year. Each part of the bar is very easy to replace. You can keep your bar for many years and replace the ropes when you feel it is necessary.

The Afnor regulation suggests that you replace the quick releaser every year.